• Internet Marketing – Online Advertising Strategies
  • Project Planning – Creating & Managing Team


Business Skills:

  • Strategic Planning

I Excel In

  • Management
  • Coaching
  • Evaluation & Analysis
  • Quick learning mindset
  • Keep myself updated with latest IT tools/technology
  • Organized and Attentive to Details
  • Thought leadership
  • Get Right Things Done!
  • Technology Proficient (WordPress, Joomla, Social Media, Website /App /Software Development)

My Strengths

  • Low abidance to rules & procedures.(no matter how honestly I try ;) )
  • My Weeknesses

    I have a diverse set of interests and skills. My study in science, mathematics, programming, marketing, history, management (& few more subjects ;) ) allows me to efficiently interact with diverse groups of people.

    • Project Management [Business]
    • Consultancy [IT & Business]
    • Web Analytics
    • ROI Analysis [Internet Marketing]
    • Website Usability Testing
    • Consumer Behavior Analysis
    • Internet Market Research

    What I can Do

    I was born genius but education spoiled me


    MPhil – Islamic Thought & Civilization [2014-2105]
    B.Sc. Mathematics/Physics.

    M.A. History

     LSBF – M.Sc.  Strategic Marketing [2012-13]

    MIT – Virtual University [2010]

    M.Sc. Physics

    Google Web Analytics Certification

    Short Course – VB.Net 2003

    Web CMS – Proficiency in Wordperss/Joomla

    Knowledge about Databases/Apps/Software Development Processes

    Adobe Photoshop


    A few ideas on, why anyone should care to know about me or contact me or add me to social media contacts or at-least bother  about my existence :) ?

    So, if you want to:

    • Meet someone with lots of ideas and have passion to share these with total strangers :)
    • Brainstorm Business Promotion Ideas
    • Discuss feasibility of a new business idea ( I can make you cry :) try this!)
    • Explore your inner skills and want actionable advice a.k.a “Life Coaching” (I know it may sound funny but give it a try ;) )
    • Have a critical analysis of any project or plan
    • Layout strategy for carrying out a Plan

    you can bother about having a chat with me :)

    Thank you for your visit. Let’s be friends (or at-least acquaintances) on facebook, linkedin, google plus, twitter or as you suggest.

    Why Me ?

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